in my tiny sailboat.
in a vast and featureless ocean.

The waters are calm and peaceful,
and the summer sun caresses my skin,
as hypnotic diamonds dance on the waves.

But then
the breeze starts to lift.
Panic rises,
as I spot foreboding clouds
looming on the horizon.

The sun cowers and hides
as the storm begins to roar.

Now at the mercy,
of a maelstrom sea.
An angry palette
of thrashing whites, greys and greens.
Furious gales rip through sails like paper,
as heavy rain deluges upon me.

I cling to the mast,
desperate for stability,
but a sudden wall of water
throws me overboard.

I’ve been here before.
Barely treading water
as turbulent currents fight to pull me under.

From dark depths,
the devil beckons,
grabbing at my ankles,
clawing at my soul.

I’m drowning.
Wave after wave of depression.
Can anyone throw me a lifeline…