Only love and light can conquer the darkness.

This is not a political post, but it is a humanitarian plea. Our whole world is living through difficult times, but it might get even worse, if we as individuals, let the light fade from our hearts.

If more and more of us can truly value love and compassion, both for our children and for each other, then maybe the mad turmoil in the world is actually a blessing in disguise… Maybe it finally awakens a real paradigm shift where the masses demand humanity for all.

Just imagine a world where a person’s skin colour or religion are irrelevant. Where we finally start looking a little deeper, to see that every person on this planet worries, bleeds and hurts, just like you do.

Picture a world where ALL human beings of ALL faiths and nationalities, respect the rights of each other to live the lives they choose without forcing their opinions down someone else’s throat. Without despots of ANY persuasion using propaganda, fear or discrimination as a weapon.

We MUST respect each other, or war will forever be rife in our world. Life is not a battle of “us versus them” – we all live on this same small planet and there are over 7 billion brothers and sisters alongside you. They may look different to you. Speak different to you. Pray differently to you. But, like it or not, each and every one of them is your equal… they are as equally deserving of their place on this planet, as you are. And when we act as if their lives are somehow inferior, THEN their feelings of injustice and anger often turn to violence…

How can anyone expect others to treat us with respect, when we treat them with derision. Sometimes we may feel like we have so little control of our world, but the truth is we can always make a choice about our own attitudes. We are solely responsible for how we choose to view and treat others.

If peace, empathy and love become widely valued as the most treasured of human attributes, then “a better future” becomes inevitable and fear has no choice but to skulk back into the shadows.

Only love and light can conquer the darkness. So please, keep the flame burning strong in your heart for a more compassionate tomorrow, because then, the whole world will be the land of the free…