No matter what I might say when I’m older.
No matter how cantankerous,
Or confused I might become…

Its just the Alzheimer’s talking.
The arthritis,
The cancer,
The dementia.

It won’t be ME.
I will always be your dad.
The person who loves you unconditionally.
Who would do anything to keep you safe, warm and happy.
Is always ready to listen to your problems and help if I can.
Who wants to share your highs and lows, unfalteringly.

NOTHING this world has to offer,
Could ever surpass the joy and gratitude I feel,
That YOU are my baby girl.

You taught me,
what love really feels like.

And I want you to know,
that sometime down the road,
if I’m not here any more,
in body or mind,
you can still always ask,
“What would dad say?”
And my Beth,
I will always answer…