“Life is just a game”
But what are the rules?
Where are they written?
So I’ve made a start…

You can never truly know,
What someone else is thinking.

The only time we can make a difference,
Is right now.

Greater minds than ours,
Have failed to answer,
“Why are we here?”

And the hardest rule of all…
Whatever you do,
You cannot protect those you love.
For their time will eventually,

And that grief and pain,
You feel for lost loved-ones,
Will one day be felt,
By those who miss your passing…

Whatever culture, colour or creed,
We are ALL in the same
slowly sinking lifeboat,
Desperately searching for solid ground.

It’s what unites us.
It is the human condition.

When we finally recognise
The rules are stacked against us,
We can give ourselves,
And each other,
A healing embrace…