A lifetime of neuroses,
loom high above me,
like mountains to conquer,
with a long way to fall.

Two steps forward,
sliding one step back,
grasping for the rock-face,
but plunging into depression.

And then a new dawn broke.
Shining light upon my folly.

Rubbing dust from my eyes,
dizzy from the altitude,
I finally recognised
the battlefield within.

Life has no signposts.
No guidebook.
No map.
So where am I heading?

Constantly seeking greener pastures.
A promised land of peace and happiness.
But never once stopping,
to admire the view…

We create our own misery,
when we demand only joy.
Living in a daze,
until the sun melts the clouds.

My journey is over.
I have finally arrived.
For wherever I go,
I am always,