Shipwrecked by the storms of my mind.
At the mercy of vicious emotions,
my temper swells from tempestuous seas.

Craving respite,
through distraction.
But drink is a temporary bandage,
as wounds weep and fester.

Glimpses of happiness,
like fireworks;
Explosions of vibrancy,
fizzling into nothingness,
as depression knocks once more.

And the faster I run,
the thicker the quicksand underfoot.
So busy concentrating
on what I don’t want,
Dreams lie neglected on the shelf.

I have been brainwashed.
Enslaved to consumerism,
and it’s empty promise
to plug the gaping holes in my life.

There are no answers ‘out there’.
No panaceas for the human condition.
When will my suffering,
and dis-ease,
finally shake me awake?