We’re born
To die.
Accept it soon,
For it is the key to life.

Science has all the answers.
The atheists’ religion.
Who needs antiquated concepts,
Like Belief?

Scorn the dark ages,
As we tear apart the atom.
The conquerors of knowledge.
Crusaders for Truth.

Who would dare challenge,
A scientific FACT?
Defend the new commandments,
And ridicule the heretics.

Just a handful, hold the knowledge.
Custodians of human understanding.
Free reign to push the boundaries,
On a journey of no return.

Mere mortals are dragged behind them,
As they wield their power with reckless abandon.
Try asking Oppenheimer,
The price of progress…

“The answers lie out there, somewhere”
But perhaps they are closer to home?
That we all carry Truth within us,
And our hearts beat the rhythm,
Of a Universal song.